Ticket Purchasing Information

      Personal Information Collection Notification

    NVIDIA Singapore Development Pte Ltd (“the Company”) will collect, process, make use of, and internationally transmit your personal information in compliance with Personal Information Protection Act, and hereby explicitly informs you the following items for your review:

    • The Company may collect, process and use your personal information for the purposes of ticket sales, marketing activities, co-marketing activities, and recruitment.
    • Personal information includes: your name, phone number, and email address.
    • If you agree to provide materials needed for the purchase of tickets the above personal information to the Company, he ticket purchaser and the credit cardholder shall be the same person. The purchaser needs to be solely responsible for any problems derived from the ticket order, i.e., failing to complete the order or ticket refunds, that are resulted from any discrepancies in given information. The Company reserves the right to reject any orders or not to complete subsequent related matters.
    • The Company and/or its affiliates may collect, process or use your personal information in writing, electronically or any form within the region of operations for the period that the purposes described above are accomplished or that the Company carries out its businesses, whichever is longer
    • You may choose to provide your personal information at your sole discretion. If you choose not to provide your personal information, however, the transaction will not be able to be processed and completed.
      Ticket purchasers are asked to place orders in accordance with the procedures set forth on the webpage. Please ensure that the information and the amount in the order list are correct before the confirmed payment . Enter the discount code before confirmation to ensure the discount is indicated on the final amount. Any discounts will not be accepted after the payment is confirmed. Once a purchasing order is completed , purchaser are aware of and agrees with any transaction details and the payment. The purchaser shall not revise the order or refuse to enforce payment for any reason after purchasing order is completed.
      Once you confirm your order details and click on “Pay Now”, the system will begin with credit card authorization immediately. Please wait with patience and do not turn off your device or switch windows during the process to avoid any technical issues that may result in payment failure. The process may last more than 1 minute if the operation line is busy. You will receive an automatically generated order confirmation via email once the order is completed.
      The ticketing sales system is designed and operated by PayPal. Data transmission is well protected with encryption to prevent any third parties’ interception.

Terms & Conditions of PayPal Refund

      Whom should I contact if I have a question about the PayPal Refunded Returns service?

      For any questions about the PayPal Refunded Returns service, You can send an e-mail to: paypalreturnsireland@telusinternational.com.

      How do I make a Refund request under the PayPal Refunded Returns service?

      Log into your PayPal account, select the purchase you returned and click on “Request return shipping refund”. Submit the return shipping request form, along with proof of your return within 30 days.

      What information do I have to provide with my Refund request?

      Please review the refund request form carefully and complete all fields when You submit a refund request. In addition to the completed refund request form, which You will find in your PayPal Account Activity You will need to provide evidence of the return shipping costs You have incurred, as follows: Details of Your return including date shipped, cost to ship, reason for return and items returned. Proof of Your return including the following documents: If You paid the return shipping costs to the post office or a courier service, You must provide: The receipt from the post office or courier service; and Proof that the purchased item was returned to the seller. If this information is not included on the original return shipping receipt, please provide a photo of the return package with the seller’s address visible. If the return shipping costs were deducted from the purchase refund of Your item, You must provide: Proof showing the initial price of the item returned; and Proof showing the amount of the refund (e.g. the email message that acknowledges receipt of the return, or the PayPal email confirming the refund of Your item).Copies or a scanned version of the original documents are acceptable only if the required information is clearly legible. Pictures are acceptable. In all cases, please be sure to keep the original documents, since You may be asked to provide them during the process of verification of Your refund request if the copies provided are not legible. Where requested, additional documents must be provided within 14 days of the request.

      If the event of misappropriation or fraudulent use of the PayPal Refunded Returns service, PayPal reserves the right to restrict the Service.

      Does the PayPal Refunded Returns service cost me anything?

      No. You pay no fees to use this Service. However, your performance of your obligations is entirely at your own expense (including, without limitation, meeting the eligibility requirements listed above to be reimbursed under the Service).

      How will I be refunded?

      If your Refund request is accepted by PayPal, You will receive the corresponding funds directly in your PayPal account.

      How will I know if my Refund request is accepted?

      You will be kept informed at every stage of the processing of your request by e-mail:
      Confirmation of receipt of your Refund request: the same day (or the first business day after your Refund request if it was received after 5 PM GMT or on a non-business day)
      Notice of approval or rejection of your Refund request: 5 business days from the receipt of your complete file.
      Refund: 5 business days from notice of approval of your Refund request

      For any other PayPal related queries, please click the link below: